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I'm Proud of You, Kid!
Dear Harold, 
I'm proud of you, kid; not for cliché reasons that you'd expect but for secret reasons that I haven't told you about– You're such a stand-up gent and a solid young-man, I really admire the way that you protect your mother, love your sister, respect your father, and make an honest effort at being a positive role-model for your little brother. Your relationship with your girlfriend reminds me of a good marriage, although it's weird that I think this because I've only ever seen you two together at family gatherings, where everyone brings their A-game, which is a whole other strange story that I can probably write an entire post about. Actually, considering that most married people I know tend to only show me the polished and admirable side of their relationship, I'd say my comparison isn't that much of force at all; Yeah, you guys are like a good marriage, but don't mess up that young-love by getting her knocked up too early, ok? Chill. 
In this photo, you're at your graduation-celebration cookout, so the look of accomplishment on your face is fitting for the occasion. You're a hard-worker, working a full-time job while continuing your education. Your work-ethic, patience, dedication to your studies, commitment to your loved-ones and to your responsibilities, steadfastness, level-headedness, and maturity are enough to draw admiration even out of grown-men like your Uncle 'Yulf'. I'm not worried about you, at all; I know that if you continue at this pace, you're going to be a huge success. Oh yeah– your humility is one of your most admirable traits, so please don't change that about yourself. Hey, I love you, and I'm proud of you, kid!

– Your Uncle 'Yulf'
Church is No Place for Tongue-in-Cheek

Um, what the heck is going on here? Did we just walk into a KISS rehearsal unannounced? No, really though; faux-Gene walked into service, one Sunday, right off the streets. Now, church-folk don’t discriminate against anyone when it comes to who we allow through those doors. As long you're showing up hungry for a good word from the Lord, you're more than welcome to join us, regardless of your race; gender; sexual-orientation; age or creed. However, this guy didn’t come to hear a good word from God or to praise the Him; he showed up solely to disrupt Sunday-service, that's all. 

Notice the unsettled people, curious on-lookers, and ironic array of flags that were hung-up to represent diversity. Well, as diverse and multicultural as a congregation may aspire to be, it's hard to not feel the need for some pruning every once-in-a-while. As amusing as this whole scene may be, churches often have to know when and where to draw the line when it comes to their tolerance of people's antics. I mean, who can preach a sermon while a guy rocks-out and plays air-guitar right in front of the pulpit? I think even Jesus Himself would have an issue with that.

Thankfully, none of the church staff even had to intervene. The guy got up and walked-out shortly after I took this photo. Honestly, I wonder how this guy would've reacted if we would've had to escort him out of the building; would he have put up a fight? 

I'm glad Faux-Gene spared us the show. 

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