Mike and I are both members of the same church, so we're brothers in the faith. Neither of us lives in the town where we congregate, but I think he would agree with me on our brethren being the best group of peers we could've ever found in any church building, anywhere! One day, he and I were having a casual chat after service when I mentioned being a Photographer and he mentioned owning an old Minolta SRT 102. My eyes lit up because I had been wanting a film camera for a while. Well, Mike figured that I will get more use out of his old kit than he will nowadays, so he gave it to me and added a bunch of other accessories as a huge bonus. I shot this portrait of Mike outside of our church building as my way of honoring him for his generous gift to me. Taken with a 28mm Minolta MD Celtic f/2.8 and shot on a roll of Ilford XP2 Super 400 film.
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