The Great Meylani
"Depart from me, peasants!" is what might as well have come out of this cute little baby's mouth while we were trying to position her for her photos because she wasn't having it. Any time I tried tucking her cute little hands underneath her tiny chin, she'd move them and reposition them in a way more fitting for a queen. Every shot was a failed attempt at getting the one shot that I thought I wanted, but much to my surprise- I loved what we were able to come up with even more. You see? You can get personality and authenticity to shine-through even in infant's portraits, which I thought was nearly impossible to achieve. Thanks for being relentless, Mey! 
Fun fact: when Meylani was photographed, she was just a few weeks old, and as she got older; I somehow became the apple of her eye. She would stare at me and follow me around with her eyes, watchIng my every move. I suddenly felt a strange sense of responsibility fall upon me to be the best example that I could be to her and all of my other nieces and nephews. I hope I’m doing alright. 
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