Lulu is sweet, playful, and has a great sense of humor. This woman loves sports, especially Baseball, and can hold a conversation with you about politics, spirituality, fashion, music, pop culture, and everything in-between. As nice as she is, there's also a feisty side to her; don't get into a debate with this woman about anything that she's passionate about because she's a relentless debater. In her defense, she has no problem admitting when she's wrong. I love her creativity and how her personality easily and quickly contributes to an uplifting and enjoyable tone when we're all hanging out. Lulu and her husband, Weylin, are expecting their second child, and you can already see how much joy this child is going to bring to their family and what a huge blessing it will be to this world just by the sheer joy and serenity evident in her portrait.   
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