Jodi Gosselin
"I've never done anything like this before" is what most of my subjects say to me right before an amazing shoot, and Jodi was no different- a shy, small-town girl with a big spirit and enough glee to make Dora the Explorer look shady. She didn't really have any modeling experience. I didn't need Jodi to be Gigi Hadid in front of my lens; I just needed her to be herself because I knew that it would provide me with a medley of vivid and honest shots to choose from. 
On our hike in the town forest, we met a beautiful Shiba Inu, and my assistant almost ran-off on me when a giant Chocolate Lab came running towards us to say hello. Between my chicken-Assistant's antics and the wind constantly blowing Jodi's hair in her face, the day provided us with a ton of laughable and photo-worthy moments. For it being her first, she killed this shoot! Jodi has a vibrant personality and a laugh that warmed my heart, filled the woods, and marked the trails. She's a down-to-earth girl who is willing to try new things, which is why this open-minded, young woman truly inspires me.
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