Dress to Express
Parents- it's important that we teach our young girls to be self-confident, expressive, and bold. It's also important that we teach them to represent themselves in this world full of scrutiny and peer-pressure. Young women need to know that it's ok for them to think for themselves, embrace uniqueness, and stand firmly for the good and godly things that they believe in. Parents, even something as simple as allowing your little girl to dress herself, according to her taste, is conducive to raising a strong-minded and independent woman. 
"Purple is a color that represents happiness and calmness; I feel all of these things when wearing purple. I dress to how I feel- If I feel sporty, I will wear very sporty colors, but the point is [that] I don’t dress to impress others; I dress based off of my own feelings. Never change your style because of what others think is cool!"
- Anelyn Gomez,
An 11-year-old Dominican-American girl

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