Citizen Ari
When I met my wife, what attracted me to her is how different from me she was. I laid eyes on a sexy, brown-skinned, slim girl with enchanting eyes and a cute little smirk. She wore a little black dress and her hair was jet black, long, and shiny; Man, what a hottie she was and still is. After eleven years and two kids, we are happier and more in love with each other than we've ever been. 
The subject of these images is a sympathetic and compassionate human being. When she looks you in the eyes, it's because she's fully engaged and putting herself in your shoes as you speak. She's also empathetic to a flaw. As a member of Citizens of the Canoe, Citizen Ari put-on her first event, 'A Way Out', to tackle serious issues like suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety; There, we had professional counselors sharing coping mechanisms and other resources with our attendees. Ariani and a few others shared their personal stories of when they've struggled with some of the above-mentioned issues, touching many of our guests in places so deep that only vulnerability and transparency could've reached. This woman is a social activist on-the-rise, set-out to encourage every woman the Lord puts in her path. 
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