Soy un artista imigrante, Dominicano, and I'm proud of that! My culture is a major part of my identity, so are my loved ones, the art that I grew up consuming, and the communities that I grew up in. Most of all, my faith in God is the most important part of who I am. I didn't grow up in the church, but after almost running myself into the ground at a very young age, I decided to turn to Christ for a second shot at life. I've committed the rest of my life to creating work that reflects God's heart and tells of my experiences and personal growth. 
My art is heavily influenced and inspired by my past, present, and even the future that I'm trusting God for. Not every story I'll choose to tell will be pretty, or even one that I'll feel comfortable telling, but you can always count on me being intentional and real. My mediums of choice are music, writing, photography, and cinematography. 
My only hope is that my work resonates with you and has a positive impact on your life in some form or fashion. I hope you can understand what I understand and see what I've seen. 
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